• Cigale Philène spumeuse ou Cicadelle écumeuse (Philaenus spumarius) - La Couarde-sur-Mer - Île de Ré - 17

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    Jeudi 6 Juin à 17:57

    Cicadelle écumeuse is (aphrophora alni ) and not Philaenus spumarius
    and the picture is not neither Cicadelle écumeuse or Philaenus spumarius
    please verify the picture, I am not professional but just a beginner so correct me if i am wrong thank you

      • Samedi 8 Juin à 15:14

        yes new picture is for aphrophoridae mybe aphrophora alni , 
        but the first one for sure it is not aphrophoridae 
        thatnk you


      • Jeudi 6 Juin à 20:15

        Thank you, but I don't know ... I give you à page : http://aramel.free.fr/INSECTES10-8.shtml

        I am not, also, a professional ... I look the two species and i can't say what is it ! I don't see the "carene" on the head... 



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